Our Story

Four years ago House of Revenue™'s founder, Mary Grothe, had just completed her second stint at a Fortune 1000 payroll & HR company. As a top sales producer, Mary felt that sales came naturally to her. She loves the profession and set out on a mission to help small business owners build high-performing sales departments.

Originally named Sales BQ® (BQ is the behavioral quotient), our firm has helped over 1000 small to mid-sized businesses since our inception in 2017. Our team has recruited, coached, trained, and mentored hundreds of top sales contributors and leaders. We are proud of the results with our clients and want to share our collective experience and knowledge with the masses.

Several members of our House of Revenue™ team, former and present, contributed hours to building curriculum outlines, research, scriptwriting, filming, production, quiz writing, and creating certifications. This project, in total, took 8 months to produce but includes decades' worth of first-hand sales knowledge from foundation sales psychology to sales leadership and everything in between.

The Proof in Numbers

  • 900+

    Salespeople trained.

  • 87%

    Average increase in quota attainment.

  • 200%

    Average revenue growth for our clients.

House of Revenue™

Get to know our parent company.

Revenue Academy™ is now the sole sales training curriculum taught and executed by our House of Revenue™ team and by dozens of companies and hundreds of salespeople across the globe. The proven sales processes and methodologies inside of Revenue Academy™ leverage some of the best foundational sales principles that have been taught for decades in addition to the House of Revenue™ team's home-grown best practices, including our founder's Sales BQ® methodology, based on the behavioral quotient.

House of Revenue™ scales companies between $2M - $20M by acting as a fractional CRO team that focuses on the entire revenue ecosystem -- branding, marketing, sales, CS, and RevOps. In the past 12 months, the House of Revenue team scaled 9 companies, on average, doubling their MRR in 10 months.

In order to scale your career, you need to have a firm foundation in place.

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