Sales House™ Course 2: Top of Funnel Sales

If you want to be a top sales performer, you’ve got to know how to fill your pipeline. The process takes resilience, persistence, and consistency, which is incredible news; you're directly control of your actions.

During this course, we'll teach you the techniques the pros use to fill their pipelines and close more deals.

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    2. Lesson 1: Top of Funnel Mastery

    3. Lesson 1: Quiz

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    1. Lesson 2: Prospecting Fundamentals

    2. Lesson 2: Quiz

    3. Lesson 2: Activity 1

    4. Lesson 2: Activity 2

    5. Lesson 2: Activity 3

    1. Lesson 3: Exceptional Outbound Calling

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    1. Lesson 4: Exceptional Outbound Emailing

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    1. Lesson 5: The Ultimate Guide to Qualifying Prospects

    2. Lesson 5: Quiz

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    1. Course 6: Powerful Voicemail Strategies

    2. Lesson 6: Quiz

    3. Lesson 6: Activity

🔑 A Few Key Lessons You'll Master 🔑

  • How to Qualify Prospects for a Smooth Close
  • Powerful Voicemail Strategies that Get Returned by Prospects
  • How to Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time During the Discovery Process to Close More Deals

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    Average revenue growth for our clients.

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“I learned so much and had a ton of fun working with you over the last couple of months. It was the most transformational thing I have done for my business…ever.”

Dustin Riedel, Adler Avisors

“I started working with House of Revenue in October and I can not tell you enough how much they have helped professionally with my sales career. My idea and rationale of sales has been completely changed ever since working with Greg, Charlie & House of Revenue. I truly feel equipped to absolutely crush my goals and ultimately build a very successful sales career! I cant thank them enough!”

Hunter Rademacher, CSI Accounting & Payroll

“House of Revenue helped me grow into a salesman who initially thought booking 40 meetings in a month was an impossible outcome. I, month over month, have hit my number and even sometimes exceeded my number. Now I can proudly say my highest month was upwards of double the 40 meetings which I thought was impossible when I first started in my role.”

Sales Rep, Corrigo